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Magnetic Spice Stand by Zevro

magnetic spice stand

Finding a place to store those spice canisters is always annoying. Finding a way to store them that looks fantastic is even more challenging. Zevro has a product that may attract your attention, magnetically attract it. The Magnetic Spice Stand for Zevro gives you 12 metal canisters to store your spices in. Each canister is air-tight and gives you a convenient viewing window so you can see what is inside and how much is left, but that is not the cool part. The cool part is the canisters have a magnetic bottom that lets you just stick them to the stand and they stay in place. You could even stick the canister to the side of the stove when you needed your hands free for a moment. The stainless steel design with black trim looks fantastic and the magnetic action makes them fun to use.

You can find the Zevro Magnetic Spice Stands on Amazon starting around $36.

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