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Mason Jar Shot Glasses

mason jar shot glasses

Finally a shot glass that adds to our bragging ability. Imagine sitting around and bragging to your buddies about tossing down three or four Mason Jars of Whiskey last night. Their eyes are going to go wide with disbelief and envy at your drinking ability. It is up to you if you want to confess those Mason jars were only the size of a shot glass. These miniature Mason Jar Shot Glasses are a great addition for any guy’s drinking cabinet. They come complete with raised glass look, but instead of saying “Mason”, these glasses brag “Shot”. The threaded top finishes the Mason Jar appearance. Once you get your bragging done, you can invite the guys over to share a few jars of scotch, bourbon, or tequila with you. Then you can all have the bragging rights of being big drinkers.

The Mason Jar Shot Glasses sell on Amazon for under $18 for a set of four.

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