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Non-Stick French Fry Baking Pan For Perfect Fries

nonstick french fry baking sheet

Who knew that baking French fries was an art? It appears Kaiser did. Most of us prefer fries that were fried in oil due to better crispiness and flavor, but what if you could eat healthier baked fries that were just as good? The Kaiser pan uses raised ridges, air holes, and a non-stick surface to make sure your fries do not get mushy, they get crisp, brown, and delicious. The raised grid and holes eliminates the need for turning the fries, while the non-stick surface lets you pour them onto your plate when they are finished. Kaiser even made the pan with a pouring lip on one side to make dumping the fries from the pan even easier.

For around $25 you can start making the best French fries possible from those frozen bags you pick up at the store. You can order a Kaiser French Fry pan on Amazon.

Via Amazon