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Optimist Pessimist Glasses

optimist pessimist glasses

When you pour that snifter half full of brandy, is it half full, or half empty? These glasses bring up that old classic question, are you an optimist who sees the glass as half full, or a pessimist who sees it as half empty. The glasses are a fun way to remind yourself of the importance of maintaining an optimistic outlook on life, unless you are really thirsty.

The glasses have a 1/2 full mark to make sure you always fill the glass to the perfect level to start the debate, but there is one important question. What happens after you take that first sip of great wine or liquor? Suddenly the glass is not half full or half empty. Of course, us positive thinkers know the right answer is, “Wow, I’m close to getting a refill of this great brew!”

You can grab your set of motivational drink reminders from Uncommon Good for $25.

Via Uncommon Goods