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Wake Up Refreshed and Happy with Philips Wake-Up Light

philips wake up light

The Philips Wake-Up Light does not eliminate the need for an alarm clock, but it does dramatically change the experience. You set the light to gradually increase in light prior to your alarm sounding. The increasing light triggers your senses into signaling your body it is time to wake-up, just like a sunrise. Actually the Philips Wake-Up Light is designed to simulate a sunrise and also to play a selection of sounds that aid in the wake-up process.

If you are a grumpy person when you awake, or feel a lack of energy, the Philips Wake-Up Light may be your solution. The light sells for $119.99 on Amazon. It might sound slightly high, but stop and think about the difference waking up refreshed, energized, and happy would make in your life.

Via Gear Culture and Amazon