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Porron Bottle Spout by Hector Serrano

porron bottle spout

Hector Serrano has a unique vision on how things in our home can be better. The Porron Bottle Spout is a great example. It is a gorgeous design that adds two functions to your bottle. It helps keep the contents fresher, but it also lets you pour your wine or other beverage two ways. The smaller side of the spout is designed for you to pour directly into your mouth. Skip the glass and just enjoy that sip of wine. The second larger size provides a convenient pouring spout for  your wine reducing drips. It even oxygenates the wine as you pour.

The product adds a layer of beauty to the bottle that adds to the moment. Hector designed the spout to give wine lovers a better way to enjoy their wine. No price is listed on the site.

Via Hector Serrano