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Radically Resourceful Housewares from Areaware

resourceful housewares by areaware

You can find housewares any place. You step into the aisles of Walmart and see plastic stuff lining the shelves. Areaware likes thing a little different, a little more useful, a little odder, a little more bizarre. As an example, why would you buy a standard lamp from a department store when you can have a bent and twisted lamp from Areaware. Which lamp is going to grab more attention from your guests? Which lamp gives you the bigger smile? The attitude flows through every department and design on Areaware. Why choose a standard wall clock when you can get a Bias Clock that lets you choose the angle and twist you want, and it is accurate no matter how you hang it. That is because the clock has no numbers or marks to interfere with how you wish to hang it.

Areaware’s Radical Housewares start under $25 and are available for every room in your home or office.






Via Fab and Areaware