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RedNek Wine Glass

redneck wine glass

What? You did not think Rednecks drank wine? Of course they do. They mix ‘er up down in the cellar over there and let ‘er ferment for a few weeks. Then they pull the cork off that big ‘ol vinegar jug we used and pour that magic juice right into their Original RedNek wine glasses. You know those fancy tall Mason jars on top of a real wine glass stem. Heck, we even throw in a few cubes of ice to make sure that wine if might tasty and cold.

Heck, you city folk ain’t got no stranglehold on class. We know there ain’t nothin’ better than some good old watermelon wine poured in one of these tall jars. Darn, don’t know how you folk do it anyways. We can screw on the lid to keep the critters out of our glass. You must enjoy those darn flies in sippin’ your wine.

These ultra-awesome RedNek Wine Glasses for $10 on Amazon.

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