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River Rocks Garden Box Creates Clean Feet

clean feet garden box

Sometimes simplicity is more beautiful, functional, and appreciated than fancy products you buy in the store. This simple garden box filled with river rocks is the perfect example. The simple wooden box is something you could create with a handsaw, a hammer, and a few nails. The rocks can be found in most garden supply houses or at your local river. The dirty feet are created by you and your family playing in the yard. When you bring them all together you have a a safe, fun, and beautiful way to get clean before walking back inside.

The river rocks get your feet out of the grass and dirt so you can get clean. The dirt from your feet drop down under the rocks as your rinse them off so you remain clean. The box is so simple but so elegant. The rocks even provide a nice way to give your feet a little massage. A simple project you can build for yourself and have a foot cleaning box everyone loves.

Via PolkaPics