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Shoot N Shake Scoop and Funnel

shoot-n-shake scoop funnel

Sometimes the coolest items we feature are the smallest, simplest, and cheapest items. How often do you get angry trying to get your electrolyte sports powder into a plastic bottle before going to the gym? Do you ever battle trying to measure and pour in just the right amount of cappuccino mix? We use a variety of powders in our day-to-day living that always need to go through tiny openings. The Shoot N Shake Scoop and Funnel is a simple, clever, and “I wish I would have though of that”, design that solves the issue in style. This simple design combines a scoop and funnel with a simple trigger to open the door to the funnel. You fill the scoop, put the funnel in the bottle, pull the trigger, and you are done. Incredibly simple, easy, and efficient.

Even cooler is the fact the Shoot N Shake is incredibly cheap with the company selling these direct to the public for only $4.99.

Via Shoot N Shake