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Sizzling Bacon Kitchen Dish Towel

sizzling bacon towel

We have said it many times before, but here we go again. Everything is better with bacon, even washing your dishes. From those crazy minds at ThinkGeek comes our latest favorite kitchen towel, the Sizzling Bacon Dish Towel. Instead of getting your hands greasy handling bacon, this massive slab of bacon dries your hand perfectly and helps you tidy up the kitchen. Of course, this Sizzling Bacon towel should be helped to escape the house and head out to the grill. You always need a towel handy and what is better at the grill than a piece of Sizzling Bacon?

The fantastic looking towel is available through ThinkGeek for just $6.99, not much more than a pound of bacon. Go ahead and drape a big piece of bacon over the oven handle before you flip a few slices in the pan.

Via ThinkGeek