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Star Wars Spatulas

Star Wars Spatulas

Can you feel the force flowing through that flapjack as you prepare to flip it to the dark side? What better way to add a touch of fun to cooking pancakes, eggs, and burgers than to season them with a little Star Wars mayhem? You can tap into the power of the Dark Side by asking Darth Vader to help you turn up the heat on those renegade hotdogs. You can call in a Storm Trooper to help defend your Princess from overwork by you manning the grill. You can even summon the help of a robotic hero to aid you in your quest to flip hashbrowns, even though R2D2 may never have been programmed for such work.

You can tap into this force for good cooking on Amazon for around $30. You toughest choice will be deciding if you want to align yourself with a Star Wars Spatula from the Dark Side or not.



Via HiC and Amazon