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Stay Up All F*cking Night Mug

stay up all fcking night mug

Do you have finals looming? Maybe there is a tough project at the office requiring extra time? Who knows, maybe you just want to stay up and play on Facebook until the sun comes up. It does not matter. Just grab your Stay Up All F*cking Night Mug, put on a fresh pot of coffee and let the caffeine induced party begin. Sleep is for wimps anyway.

These obscenely right cups are available for only $16 from Tapiture, but we do have one major problem with the manufacturer. What’s up with an 11 ounce cup? I know I want my coffee to stay hot, but if I’m going to stay up all night long I want a big honkin’ mug. Oh well, I’m still going to live by that motto, so just pull the pot a little closer, keep the coffee hot, and let us do some serious something all night long.

Via Tapiture