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Tattooed Arm Oven Mitt

tattooed arm oven mitt

Hey tough guy, is that an arm full of new tattoos I see you wearing over by the grill? If you want to grab the attention of all your friends and make them do a quick double-take as you host your next grillin’ bash, put on a Tattooed Arm Oven Mitt. It might take them just a moment to realize those are not real tattoos on your arm but the coolest grill mitt they have ever seen. The Tattoos are complete with sailing ships, roses, and of course LOVE, just as you would expect from any gnarly grill master.

You can get your tattoo attitude through Amazon for a measly $15, less than the price of getting even a tiny real tattoo, with a lot less pain.

tattooed arm oven mitt

Via HolyCool and Amazon