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Victoria Arduino Theresia Espresso Machine

victoria arduino theresia

It is not often we sit back and say “WOW” about a coffee machine. Ok, so it is an espresso machine, and an outstanding one. The Victoria Arduino Theresia is a work of art that looks like a jet fighter or a secret space project from NASA. Interestingly, the technology is about that cutting edge. Hidden inside the cool looking stainless steel case is the T3 Blending engine created by Nuiva Simonelli that looks at coffee brewing in 3 dimensions. The system focuses on making sure all ingredients are ┬áheated and blended at their optimum temperatures to elicit the finest flavor possible. (That’s fancy talk for saying it makes a darn good cup of espresso.)

This high-end espresso machine was designed by Victoria Arduino for both commercial and home application. No price has been released.

Via Victoria Arduino