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Zombie Head Decanter

zombie head decanter

Do you remember the name of that bourbon that knocked you for a loop and left you feeling like a zombie the next morning? Go buy another bottle of that rock-gut bourbon to fill up this fantastic Zombie Head Decanter. You can proudly display your wickedest brew on your bar inside this hideous decanter and warn all of your friends of the danger of sipping the Zombie Juice contained within. Of course, you could fill it with your favorite variety of booze, but where’s the fun in that? Grab a cheap bottle of bourbon that is on sale at the liquor store and fill ‘er up. Who said that Zombie liquor should be smooth? It should burn like death going down.

You can get your own Zombie Head Decanter on Amazon for under $18, cheap bourbon is probably about $8 at your local retail outlet, or look on that wicked “dead” inventory table and get it even cheaper. In this case, dead inventory is the perfect purchase for Zombie Juice.

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