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Avengers: Age of Ultron Extended Trailer

May 2015 seems far away, but with the release of the Avengers: Age of Ultron extended trailer, we are all anxious for it to arrive. The newest episode to Marvel Comics epic Avenger movies will feature Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Hulk, Black Widow and

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Furious 7 Trailer – Fans Anxiously Await Paul Walker Tribute

The Furious 7 official trailer has hit the internet like a rocket. The fast paced franchise appears ready to take the action to a new level, even though they sustained the devastating loss of star Paul Walker. Paul’s brothers Cody and Caleb jumped into fill

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NOTBAD Trailer by Infinitylist

Watch as seven brave riders who set out from the four corners of the globe to gather together under one roof in a town located at the ends of the earth. 30 days of bicycle tomfoolery in New Zealand made by Infinitylist. Check it out

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Dark Seinfeld Movie Trailer

As one of our favorite sitcoms from the 90’s, we wish that the great folks from Seinfeld would get together and make a movie. If that were to happen, I think this trailer can be an excellent plot! In this fake but still hilarious movie

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Machete Kills Movie Trailer

Robert Rodriguez returns with the long awaited sequel to Machete entitled, Machete Kills. The cast includes Danny Trejo, Lady Gaga, Michelle Rodriguez, Mel Gibson, Sofia Vergara, Jessica Alba and Charlie Sheen. Machete Kills follows Trejo’s character as he is recruited by the President of the

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The Purge Movie Trailer

Get ready for the thrill of your life as Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey star in the upcoming 2013 thriller, The Purge. Directed and written by James DeMonaco, The Purge is set in the year 2022, where the U.S. unemployment rate is at 1% and

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Fast & Furious 6 Movie Trailer

The all-star cast of Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Dwayne Johnson are back for yet another adrenaline pumping, nos injecting Fast & Furious 6 movie. This marks the 6th instalment to the very popular franchise. To come along for the best adventure yet, fan favorites

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The Wolverine Movie Trailer

After a having a few teaser trailers surface the net, 20th Century Fox and Marvel have come together to unleash The Wolverine’s first full trailer. Hugh Jackman will be playing Wolverine for the second time in this second solo Wolverine movie series, while this is

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Die Hard 25th Anniversary Collection

2014 marks the 25th year of one of our favorite action-packed movie series of all time Die Hard starring Bruce Willis. What better way to celebrate than to get your very own Die hard 25th Anniversary Collection ($30 USD) Blu-Ray box set. The five disc boxset

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The Walking Dead Season 3 Limited Edition Set

If you are anything like us, you are obsessed with The Walking Dead and loved the mid-season premier that aired this past sunday on AMC. For those of you who are so passionate about the show and want to collect some memorabilia I am sure you will