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10 Ways to Know Your Girl is a Keeper

No, your girl being blonde is not on the list. Her being the hottest girl on the block did not even get an honorable mention. This list is a real down to earth guide for men to consider, kind of a touchy-feely thing. Let’s get started!

1. She doesn’t seek attention. – We all know women who demand to be the center of attention, but your keeper never worries about that. She just lives her life on her own terms.


2. She can carry her side of a conversation. – Looking sexy may reel you in, but unless she can talk to you, the relationship will be doomed. (You did plan to learn what she is interested in, right?)


3. She is comfortable in any situation. – Maybe comfortable is not the right word. She can deal with any situation without coming unglued at the seams. She lives in the moment and can deal with change without turning it into a crisis.


4. She doesn’t start petty arguments. – Refer back to number one. Those petty arguments are almost always a plea for attention.


5. She encourages you. A woman who stands beside you, behind you, and grabs the reins to lead when you falter will lead you to success in life and love.


6. She is your sunshine on rainy days and the light of your life every other day. No explanation is needed.


7. She puts in effort for you. Every woman puts in effort when a relationship is new, but when you see those efforts continuing for weeks turning into months, you know you found a keeper. (Don’t forget, that is a  two way street.)


8. You can laugh together. Laughter in a relationship is crucial. You need to be able to laugh at each others jokes, funny movies, and even your own silly mistakes. Breaking down in laughter when you both realize how crazy one of  you acted is a great sign of compatibility.


9. You can cry together. Where there is sunshine, there is rain. Where there is laughter, sometimes there are tears. Those moments of holding each other in tears when a tragedy strikes create stronger bonds than you can imagine. You both need to have the ability to cry with the other.


10. You share similar goals and visions for the future. You do not want a relationship that is destined for disappointment or sacrifice by one of the partners. A shared vision for the future keeps you both on track. Putting in the effort, laughter, encouragement, and conversations are all easier when you share a vision for the future.


Is she a keeper? Only you know the answer to that.

Via James Michael Sama