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130 MPH Lawn Mower by Honda and Team Dynamics


Honda lawn mowers are incredible. The Honda Race team and their partner Team Dynamics are amazing. What happens when you take these two groups and toss them in the same room? You get a lawn mower that can fly down the street at 130 MPH and has been tested at speeds up to 100 MPH. The lawn mower is powered by a 1000 cc Honda engine stolen from a VTR Firestorm. Can the 109 HP mower cut grass? Amazingly, the answer is YES. The mower has pair of electric motor driven blades that allow the mower to cut grass at speeds up to 15 MPH.

Do not expect to find this edition of the HF2620 Lawn Mower in your local dealership. This one-off adventure is dynamite to see in photos and even more fun to see in video screaming across the grass and down the road. Getting to your next mowing job has never been faster.


130 MPH Lawnmower

Via Like Cool and Honda