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1945 Willy Jeep Rat Rod by Randy Ellis Design

1945 Willys Jeep Rat Rod

Randy Ellis Design is famous for their aftermarket products, especially frame mounted light bars, but their 1945 Willys Jeep project took their passions to a new level. A stock Willys Jeep soon became the baddest rat rod in the dunes. The design team widened the wheel base, lowered the entire jeep, and then threw their attention into the engine and drive train. Their final result was a Rat Rod that could send plumes of sand flying while they raced through the dunes. Their choice of the Willys Jeep was perfect. This work horse from the World War II era is one of the most rugged and effective off road vehicles ever built and made better by the Randy Ellis team.

The 1945 Willys Jeep project was so successful it was featured in JP Magazine.






Via Randy Ellis Design