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1955 Mercedes Benz W196 Silberpfeil

1955 mercedes bens w 196 siberpfeil

Sometimes the hottest looking cars filled with the best gadgets do not measure up to the cars of history.  The 1955 Mercedes-Benz W196 Silberpfeil is one car which is still unmatched in the coolness factor.  Better known as the Mercedes Benz Silver Arrow the car was originally painted racing white until the fateful day of the Nurgburgring Race.

On this day is was discovered the car weight 1 kilogram too much to qualify.  The German engineers went into overdrive with their German ingenuity.  They quickly scraped away the white paint revealing the silver metal skin bringing the car down to racing weight in time for the starting flag.

With the shining silver skin of the car, the amazing lines of the body, and the powerful vents, engine and wheels it had to be a very intimidating presence on the race track.

Do not expect to find this car on any local car lots.  This classic car belongs right where it is, in legends.

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