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1980 BMW R100RS Cafe Racer

1980 bmw r100rs cafe racer

How can a motorcycle over 30 years old drive our hearts to pound faster than a new cycle fresh off the line? The 1980 BMW R100RS Cafe Racer is a motorcycle that will stop you in your tracks and have you taking a second look. The classic styling, the intricate beauty, and the underlying toughness make it a motorcycle collectors love and riders love even more.

This 1980 BMW R100RS has undergone a miraculous transformation at the hands of the FlatRacer. They ran across a beat up old R100RS, but what they saw was the makings of something sensational. They took the bike back to their shop and tore it down to the core. They rebuilt the motorcycle including a bevy of aftermarket parts from their stash of unique creations. The final result brings back that old Cafe Racer feeling. This is a bike you’d love to jump on to race from cafe to cafe to grab cups of coffee, pie, and friendship at every stop. Of course, a lot of you might forego the cafes and take a dash from bar to bar or choose to head out over some open road.

The reconstruction of this incredible R100RS from BMW was fully documented in photographs by FlatRacer. You can see the entire build by following the link below.

Via FlatRacer