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2012 Mercedes Benz CLS Black Bison

2012 mercedes benz cls black bison

Turn off the lights and disappear into the night.  With the 2012 Mercedes Benz CLS Black Bison no one will see you coming with the lights off.  The CLS has been tuned and modified by Wald International out of Japan with their popular Black Bison package. As with all Black Bison modified cars it is not 100% black on both the inside and outside.  Not only is the car invisible at night, it is intimidating by day.  Seeing this all black machine thundering up behind you on the highway may have you pulling over to get out of the way, it looks tough.

The upgrade includes modifications to the exhaust system, rear bumpers, adding sport fenders to the front, and many other minor to major body, suspension, and performance tuning mods. Wald International left everything untouched under the hood, but why change it anyways.  The Mercedes Benz CLS is already packing over 400 horsepower.   The car is packed full of the great gear for men, and is the perfect color to accent our wildest driving dreams

Via Top Speed