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2014 Audi e-tron Spyder

2014 audi e tron spyder

If I dreamt of what the sports car of the future would look like, the 2014 Audi e-tron Spyder is it. Dubbed as a diesel-electric roadster, truly describes the advancement in our automotive ingenuity. Aesthetically similar to the shape of an R8 all-electric e-tron that was unveiled in Frankfurt in 2009.  This car is equipped with a 69-cell lithium-ion battery pack, which is good for 9.1-kilowatt hours, weights around 220 pounds and is located right in front of the Spyder’s electric motor.

Even though the tank just carries 13.2 gallons of diesel fuel, the Spyder still can go 600 miles per fill-up.  Still just a mere prototype, the Spyder is valued at $2.7 million USD.