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2014 BMW Series 2 Coupe

2014 bmw 2 series coupe

The BMW Series 2 Coupe is the latest announcement from BMW. This new coupe will be available in two models the 228i and the 235M. The 228i is BMW’s first couple to use their 2.0 Liter 4-cylinder engine producing 240 HP. As you can guess by the tiny size of the engine, it is very stingy on fuel usage while still providing impressive performance. The 235M is the performance edition of the Series 2 Coupes with 3.0 Liter inline 6-cylinder motor producing 322 HP. The 235M includes the high performance suspension system and other sports driving additions for drivers who love to push the limits.

Prices for the 228i Series 2 start at $33,025 with the 235M starting at $44,025. This new series is so new it has not even landed on the USA BMW website, but you can learn all the facts on the international BMW site.