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2014 Lucra L148

2014 lucra l148

Who says America does not know how to make a world class sports car? Lucra promises to convince you differently in just 2.5 seconds, or the time it requires to throw you back in your seat for a 0-60 MPH dash. The 2014 Lucra L148 is powered by a 4.7 Liter LS7 V8 engine that spits out over 700 HP. The L148’s open top option allows you to feel the air in your hair, but warning, at top speeds that hair might go flying in the wind. The Lucra’s body is an aerodynamic masterpiece with elegant flowing lines. The car is expected to hit the road in the spring of 2014. The Corvette may be the hottest USA built sports car today, but the future of US sports cars just got a lot brighter with the upcoming Lucra L148.

Pricing for the Lucra L148 have not been announced.






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