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2014 Range Rover with Longer Wheelbase

2014 range rover longer

In this era of making cars and SUV’s smaller to increase fuel efficiency, a little extra leg room is nice change. The new 2014 Range Rover sports the first long wheelbase from the company in almost 20 years. The longer wheelbase translated to an extra 5.5″ of extra leg room for rear seat passengers, who might just sigh in relief. This increased space allowed Range Rover to add rear seats that recline 17 degrees to give rear seat passengers a touch of the comfort the front passenger has always enjoyed. Do not let the added comfort make you think Range Rover is getting soft. This is still a tough and ready vehicle that is just as comfortable off-road as on the road, but you would never know that by looking around the swank luxurious interior.

If you frequently carry more than two adults, this new Road Ranger provides the added comfort and space to make everyone ride enjoyably.





Via AcquireMag and Range Rover