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2015 Ford Mustang


Ford announced the next version of the Ford Mustang and shocked the world with taking the car down to a 4-cylinder motor, their new EcoBoost motor. There will be an optional 5.0 Liter V8 for performance buffs, but we suggest taking a hard look at the EcoBoost first. This 4-cylinder engine will be deceptive in power with the high-tech turbocharger and fuel-injection system. The lighter weight will give the car handling and performance gains that will surprise most. Ford’s official webpage lists an option for a 6-cylinder engine, also. The new body design is provides both a look back to the 60’s and a look forward to the future.

While many people will be shocked by the switch to a standard 4-cylinder, they need to open their eyes. Performance vehicles from Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, and others are hitting the streets with 4-cylinder motors that provide amazing power and fuel efficiency gains. Ford’s new EcoBoost motor puts the Mustang on track to be one of the most desired cars for power, handling, and reasonably cost use.

2015 Ford Mustang





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