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2015 Toyota Supra Concept


Toyota is trying to get their fans excited about the Supra, again. The car has been off the market for years, with rumors always floating around about it eminent return. This time the rumors may have some truth, since the rumors are emanating from Toyota that they will unveil the concept for the 2015 Supra in Detroit in January. Rumors mention a car with 1000 HP, we expect that one is just wishful thinking, but the idea of it being a powerful sports car is almost a certainty. The images we are sharing today are flying from the rumor mills, but until the sheet is pulled from the car in January, it is all speculation. At the moment the car is not listed on the Toyota Concept car or Upcoming cars webpages, but expect that to change soon.

Are you ready for a Toyota with some real teeth and sports car attitude? Let us all hope Toyota is ready, too.






Via Freshness Mag and Toyota