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Adult Big Wheel Trike by High Roller

adult big wheel trike

Quit staring at those kids having fun on their Big Wheel Trikes. That feeling of jealousy is completely unnecessary. High Roller has created a Big Wheel Trike built for us, complete with a bell we can ring. The High Roller trike is massive. It has a huge front wheel with the pedals mounted right on the wheel. The rear wheels are short, wide, and ready for you to slide through a corner, just like the kids. High Roller even added tassels to the hand grips to make sure our need for jealousy is completely over. The bike is designed to be a drifter. You can race to corner and slide through the curve, then start pedalling wildly down the straights.

You can get your own High Roller Big Wheel Trike for $599.

Via High Roller