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Audi E-Bike


German auto manufacturer Audi has leaped into the e-bike game. Electric bikes are highly popular in Europe and Asian countries and are quickly gaining in popularity in the USA. Audi did not develop and ordinary electric bike. They chose to create a super high-performance bike to reflect the Audi attitude. The bike is built with a fiber reinforced polymer frame paired with 26 inch wheels sporting some serious street tires. The electric motor churns out an impressive 2.3 kW of power. Audi equipped the bike with three different driving modes, human powered, electric motor only, and human powered assisted by the electric motor. You can choose between getting no exercise, a little exercise, or working up a sweat.

The bike keeps you informed of what is going on with an on-bike touchscreen computer that can be interfaced with your smartphone. The seat features a wrap-around LED warning light to keep you safe on the road at night. When all your friends are looking at a Tesla, you can be even cooler with an Audi E-Bike.





Via Where Cool Things Happen and Ride The World on YouTube