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Audi Electric Bike by Arash Karimi

audi electric bike design

Audi undertands clean lines, simple design, and high functionality.  Their cars exihibit these traits in every model.  This very interesting bike was designed by Arash Karimi in collaboration with Audi.  The Audi Electric Bike is not yet available on the market, but it shows the world the direction we may see transportation taking in the future. 

The bike is powered by either your own furiously pumping feet or can be powered by the built-in 550-750Watt motor.  The motor is hidden within the frame of the bike as is the battery. This leaves the bike with extremely clean lines.  The power from the motor, or your feet, is transferred to the wheels by  a Kevlar grease-less belt-chain.  This combination can provide you with 20MPH of speed to get you to work fast.

The frame can be manufactured of either lightweight aluminum or composite materials. Recharging the bike is made easy by a simple plug-in socket on the side of the frame.