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BBQ Donut Boat

bbq donut boat

A BBQ by the lake is always fun, but what about one out on the lake? The BBQ Donut Boat lets you take 10 people on an incredible outing. The BBQ Donut is a round floating picnic table, BBQ grill, and parasol that you can use to leisurely have a great BBQ without stepping on dry land. The table is outfitted with plate holders, cup holders, slots for your silverware, built in coolers, and extra storage. It can even be outfitted with a small outboard motor or a small trolling motor so you can navigate the waters while you have the time of your life. You will never have to worry about people knowing where you are either. The BBQ Donut Boat is bright orange so your friends can spot you and those pesky speed boats stay away.

The BBQ Donut Boat sells for around $30,000 and takes 2 to 3 months to get delivery. You can order one from Firebox.


Via Firebox