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BMW All Mountain Mountain Bike

bmw all mountain mountainbike

How many of you were even aware BMW made mountain-bikes? We all know about their incredible automobiles and almost everyone knows about their awesome motorcycles. Those same engineering minds create some of the most amazing bicycles in the world, and the BMW All Mountain is one of the best in the world. The All Mountain is designed to work for all kinds of  mountain biking, not for just one style. You can use it for the struggles of uphill riding, the rigors and challenges of downhill riding, or for the thrills of free-riding.

Imagine the ease of riding when you can call on 30 different gears that switch smoothly and flawlessly on every shift. Safety has been enhanced with the use of hydraulic disc brakes, and other features to make sure you remain safe while mountain biking. You can own one of these amazing BMW Mountain Bikes for around $3900.

Via HypeBeast and BMW