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BMW E30 TM Concept

BMW E30 TM Concept30

The BMW E30 has been one of the most beloved cars of the BMW family. The body style, handling, power, and comfort were a perfect balance that drivers loved to get their hands on. TM Cars has been teasing the BMW community with pictures of their rumored E30 concept redo for almost a full year, but now it is about to become reality. The kits are heading to manufacturing and the real photos are surfacing. The Concept30 keeps the traditional E30 body style from the 80’s with a few enhancements to improve handling, aerodynamics, and of course appearance.

The body kit is priced around $4000 with the optional light kit running around $1100. Most parts are direct bolt-on replacements making turning your E30 into a masterpiece a build it yourself joy.






Via TM Cars