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BMW M4 Concept

bmw m4 concept

The M3 has been the core of BMW sports driving and been the car that makes car enthusiasts like us lust. The M4 Concept car from BMW foretells the future of BMW sports coupes and the future looks great. The upcoming replacement to the M3 has a tougher aerodynamic line that makes our hearts pound. The concept M4 uses carbon fiber extensively to decrease overall weight, increase performance, and give you a safe ride. Unlike many concept cars, this one looks ready to hit a production line. It is not a car with wild features or unbelievable expectations, but a car that has all the luxury, performance, and looks we expect from BMW. The M4 is set to debut to the public now and head into production fast.

If you have had your eyes on an M3, it might be time to hesitate. The M4 takes all you love in the M3 and makes it even better.







Via The Closed Room at BMW