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Mouth-Watering BMW X5 E70 Tuned by Prior Design

bmw x5 e70 prior5

Do you look at your BMW X5 E70 and think how beautiful the car looks. Disgusting, isn’t it? You want a car this has “Beast Mode” turned on, not a car that is pretty. Prior-Design has the remedy for your pretty BMW. The company has created a tuning package specific for the X5 E70 that adds an aggressive front fender with open air vents for better cooling. The add a lip spoiler and wider fenders. The rear bumper gets a diffuser. You replace the hood of the car with a new hood featuring a single large scoop with two smaller scoops at its side. Your X5 E70 goes from pretty, to pretty damn tough.

Prior-Design does not list the retail price on their website. Don’t own a BMW X5? You still may want to check out Prior-Design’s bundles. The have beastly aerodynamic packages for a wide variety of cars from most major automakers.






Via Prior-Design