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BMW X6 M Design Edition

bmw x6 m design edition

The BMW M Engineers have been hard at work behind the scenes and have just announced the new BMW X6 M Design Edition via their Facebook Page. Do not let these pictures scare you. Those nearly atrocious triple color stripes are 100% optional, but the 100 cars being produced of this limited edition X6 is not optional. The real beauty of the car hides under the hood. It is powered by a 550 HP 4.4 Liter V-8 that generates a whopping 500 pounds of torque. Black leather interior is an added bonus, and is highlighted with magello red leather trim. Each car will be outfitted with a individually numbered plaque to designate its position within the 100 car limited run.

The car is stunning, luxurious, and 100% BMW, but for my tastes, it would need to lose those optional stripes.





Via BMW M on Facebook