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Brabus B63S 700 Wide Star

brabus b63s 700 widestar

The Mercedes ML 63 AMG and GL 63 AMG are stellar cars the moment they roll off the Mercedes-Benz assembly line, so why would anyone want to change it? Brabus thought of 700 good reasons to start with, all hidden underneath the hood of the Mercedes-Benz cars. Brabus tuned the car to get 700 horsepower and increased the top speed to 186 MPH. To help control all of that power they redid the wheels and tires tossing on 23″ wheels bolted onto a fine-tuned suspension upgrade. Of course with higher speeds, you need more downdraft to keep the car on the road so Brabus added fender flares and air dams to control the air flow. Every feature of the car has been massaged, improved, or replaced to enhance power, performance, and luxury. While the original SUV’s from Mercedes might be superb, the Brabus edition is beyond exceptional.




Via HypeBeast and Brabus