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Brabus B63S

brabus b63s

Toughness exudes from this Brabus creation and it should. The base of this creation is the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6X6, an already tough vehicle. Brabus grabs this Mercedes-Benz and boosts the power to over 500 HP. The add chrome, body mods, improved tires, suspension kits, a bigger fuel tank, and dozens of other tweaks to take it form “kinda tough” to “too tough”. Brabus understands how to take a stock car’s personality and bring it forward into its extreme finest.

The Brabus B63S carries an export price of over $640,00. This incredible build has power, performance, and luxury that Mercedes-Benz engineers only dreamed was possible. It took Brabus to make it reality.

Via Brabus