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Bugatti: C16 Galibier Concept Is Awesome

Bet you can’t get the name of this bad ass car. I really can’t get my eyes off these headlights and wonder how much it would cost to replace them if broken. Sheesh, this car is a real piece of work hands down. This latest concept creation from Bugatti has been named the 16C Galibier. It is equipped with enough room to bring your kids along for the ride and still with a tremendous amount of horses under the hood. The Bugatti 16C Galibier has the same W16 engine which unleashes 1,000 horsepower but rumor has it that Bugatti may just have to lower it to 800 hp for school-zone safety but don’t worry you still have that sweet look of an 8 barrel exhaust system in the rear end of the car.

(That was a joke, the school zone part ofcourse) The Galibier is expected to be priced around $1.4 million, and sources say that Volkswagen has given the thumbs up to Bugatti to start producing this bad boy. So pull out your wallets, sell your Toyota Corolla’s and visit your local Bugatti dealership for this affordable new luxury sedan.