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Bugatti Legend Meo Constantini

bugatti legend meo constantini

The Bugatti Legend cars are built as tributes to the most important personalities in the Bugatti’s long fabled history. The new Meo Constantini pays tribute to one of the earliest racing legends. Meo Constantini joined forces with Bugatti in 1920, heading the racing team for 8 years and numerous racing victories. Is close relationship with the Bugatti family and designers led to innovations in the cars. The new Bugatti Legend Meo Constantini brings back a feel of the race cars from the 1920’s, but updated with the power, handling, and luxury of today’s Bugatti sports cars. The dramatic blue paired with polished raw aluminum provides a stunning appearance. Door panels showcase scenes from ┬áMeo Constantini race, with his name stitched into the seats and dash.

The Bugatti Legend Meo Constantini lives up to its legendary namesake and more.






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