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Caterham Bikes, The Electric Revolution

Classic Ebike

We just featured the Caterham Brutus 750, the company’ s first venture into motorcycles and we warned you something even hotter was coming. Caterham Bikes is starting an electric motorbike revolution by changing electric bikes into something incredibly cool. The Caterham Classic E-Bike has the appearance of an old-school Schwinn with curved frame, but a Schwinn that has been taking some high doses of steroids. The bikes tough frame, rugged over-sized all terrain tires, and 250 Watt electric motor make it perfect for the sidewalks, streets, or zipping down trails. Want something tougher? Switch to the Caterham Carbon showcasing a sports frame made from carbon fiber and aluminum. It has 8-gears, compared to 3-gears on the Classic. It comes equipped with 26″ x 4.8″ balloon tires designed by rugged terrain. The 250 Watt motor gives you the power to challenge a trail, or embarrass your pedalling buddies.

Caterham transfrom electric bikes into something cool, tough, and awesome looking. Their lineup of motorbikes is scheduled to hit the street spring of 2014.

Via Caterham Bikes