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Caterham Motorcycles


Caterham Cars, famous for their roadsters and racing experience events, has just jumped into the motorcycle arena with an awesome looking motorcycle, the Brutus 750. This new motorcycle has been nicknamed the “SUV of Motorcycles”, and for good reason. The motorcycle has a rugged frame. It can be setup as either an off-road bike or a street racer. The most incredible transformation takes around four hours and turns the Brutus 750 into a high-powered snowmobile. Yes, you read that right. The motorcycle features a high-performance automatic transmission and upright sitting position. The Caterham Motorcycle Brutus 750 is one of three bikes in their new launch, but we intend to keep the other two a secret for a day or two.

The Brutus 750 hits the market Spring 2014.



Via Caterham Motorbikes