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Classified Moto XV920 Motorcycle

classified xv920

Miracles can happen in the bowels of  Richmond when you let a bunch of gear heads loose with a 1982 Yamaha XV920R, a workshop full of tools, and a generous budget. The crew at Classified Moto took on a project for Bob Ranew to rebuild a XV920R into something special which they did spectacularly.  They grafted on the front fork and suspension of a Yamaha YZF R6-R and the rear suspension from the R6-S.  This interesting upgrade turns the bike into an amazing handling machine while still maintaining the tough classic look of the XV920. No more skinny tire on this XV920, it now is sporting an 180mm tire to keep you glued to the road.  The top mounted hooligan handlebars make the motorcycle look like a classic military ride from 30 or 40 years ago. This combination of new and old, along with the design touches for Classified Moto has transformed this bike into something dramatic and unique.  Watch for Bob Ranew to be scooting around North Carolina on his new motorcycle soon.

Via John Ryland’s Classifed Moto blog