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Clear Blue Hawaii Molokini Kayak

Clear Blue Hawaii Molokini Kayak

Finally you can own a personal glass bottom boat.  With the Clear Blue Hawaii Molokini Kayak it is technically not a glass bottom boat, but an entire kayak created out of clear polycarbonate with an aluminum frame.

Imagine the fun of sliding along in this two seat kayak enjoying the tropical fish swimming below you.  There is only one item in the package which might make you a bit curious.  The bundle comes with a water bailer.  We have to assume this is for the waves which come over the side, not for leaky boat, since Clear Blue Hawaii consistently gets great consumer reviews.

This clear kayak is available for just over $1500.  Make sure you leave all of your cool gadgets at home when you head out on the water. You do not want anything obscuring your view of the ocean life below.

Via Clear Blue Hawaii