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Confederate Motorcycles R131 Fighter

confederate motorcycles r131 fighter

We were tempted to write just one word on this post and walk away. What word? AWESOME!

The Confederate Motorcycles R131 Fighter is a combination of wow, fear, power, respect, confusion, history, and the future all rolled into one motorcycle. The wow factor starts with the incredibly tough look that shows the power contained in this machine. Respect will be given to you at every stop light, every motorcycle rally, and anywhere you drive this machine.

Do not be surprised when you install fear in a few people picturing you are the next iteration of The Terminator coming forth to destroy humanity. The motorcycle gives you a certain feeling of history tracing back to movies Mad Max movies and beyond. Everything about this motorcycle screams about the future. Is this how motorcycles will look when speed limits are gone and racing on the road is commonplace?

Confederate Motorcycles builds the R131 Fighter by custom order only. If you are ready to place you order, get out your credit card with the $100,000 limit and give them a call.

Via Confederate Motorcycles