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Deco Fun Ship by Avalon Luxury Pontoons

avalon deco funship

The Deco Fun Ship is a floating palace of fun, but we hate to tell Avalon, it ain’t no ship, but it a really cool boat. The Deco Fun Ship from Avalon is a 27 foot long pontoon boat packed from stem to stern with fun. You have a second floor deck for a little fun dancing or lounging. Jump on the water slide that drops from the second story down to the water. The Fun Ship even has a enough power to pop a skier up and give him a quick ride across the water while his fans roar from the deck of the pontoon boat. It even has a live well for fishing, built-in ice chests, a stainless steel grill, refrigerators, tables, a water mist system. All you need to add is some fuel, a lake, the beer, and a bunch of friends to start a huge on the water party.

The Avalon Deco Fun Ship is priced between $55,000 an $66,000 depending on options  you choose.

Via Avalon Luxury Pontoon Boats