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DP Customs Naked Cafe Motorcycle

dp customs naked cafe

Rugged, tough, fast, powerful, impressive.  Those are the first words which will fall from your lips when you gaze upon the DP Customs Naked Cafe Motorcycle.  This custom crafted motorcycle is based upon the classic 1980 Harley Davidson Ironhead and then was painted to match the colors of the #2 Audi R18 TDI which won the Le Mans this year.

The DP Customs motorcycle is powered by a 1000CC motor to allow you to scoot along fast.  The power is transferred to the pavement via a chain drive and a pair of Pirelli motorcycle tires. At the time of creation DP Customs had not set a price on this custom creation.  It is important to note this motorcycle is not packed with all the coolest gadgets.  If is packed with what every rider really wants.  It has power, performance, and fun.

Via Uncrate and DP Custom Cycles