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Ducati S2R 800 Duc Soup College Project

ducati s2r 800 duc soup-college project

Some college students are smarter than others, but Manuel Ayllon is brilliant. When Manuel was faced with his final year’s engineering project at Instituto Católico de Artes e Industrias, he presented the professors with a proposal to build a Ducati S2R 800 motorcycle and may have created the best Ducati build of the year. Manuel searched for a collaborator to work with on the cycle and was guided to Todd Silicato of Todd’s Cycles who now lives and builds in Hawaii. The two created 3D drawings of Manuel’s vision and went to work to create the vision.

The build eliminates almost 40 kilos of weight and turns the Ducati S2R 800 into a powerful bold beast that growls boldly when fired up. An amazing build that proves engineering students really do learn something useful in college.





Via PipeBurn